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I’m a friend-oriented person. It means I should be surrounded with friends all the time. Let say, I have friend(s) for every season! Just as each season has its time so does my friends. It’s almost impossible to gather all my friends in one room. Hellooo….they are sooo different…too much differences in fact. The worst scenario is that they might beat with each other to stand for each of their own beliefs. lol…

Somehow, I love my friends so much for being just the way they are. Tall or not to tall, skinny or having extra pounds, black or white, young or old, artists or scientist….they are all my beloved friends!! More to this, I love them for accepting me the way I am. As people need to express their own, so do I. In this regard, 7-Eleven-friend is needed. You know…to consistently serve the changing needs of friends for their convenience 😀

There are friends that I’ve known since my childhood. Others I met in my adulthood. Different way of friendship but one common thing. It is love that binds us. Love which survived us from hardships. Love that encouraged us to face the future.

As for me, a true friend is the one who is with me all the time….in good and especially in bad times. Do I really have this kind of friend?? Absolutely!! I have a truly faithful friend. A Friend who’s never forsaken me. A Friend who’s high in the sky yet closed to my heart. A Friend who who once died for me. You know Him for sure. Yes, He is the One. It’s been my privilege to know this Guy. This Guy will stick with me regardless the seasons.


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One thought on “FRIEND[s]:

  1. A song for friends and for Friend by Michael W. Smith http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IbPKaIozS-c

    Posted by CAR | October 5, 2011, 10:29 am

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