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How to cook aloe vera

Aloe vera grows well in many areas of Indonesia. Yet, not so many people understand how to prepare this kind of dish since  ready-to-eat packs are available at the stores.

After reading several how to cook, finally I chose the simplest way, i.e. without soaking it for a whole night long. This is how I made it.

First of all, you need to buy the aloe vera cuz it’s different type of  aloe vera grown in your yard. It should be the big ones. A well-known store such as Hero or Hypermart sell it for around Rp 11,500/ kg. For one piece, it’ll cost you around Rp 3, 400. Don’t forget to buy pandan leaf to give a special fragrant in your aloe vera. Since I only bought one piece of aloe vera, I decided to give one sheet of Pandan leaf.

I cut the aloe vera into small fragment  to easily get rid of the outer skin. Learning from my experience, I’d cut both of the edgy sides first in order to save time. Then I cut it into small cubes. During this process, I put it under flowing water tap to reduce the mucus. This will not clear out the mucus. You need to wash it many times and add salt several times while washing it.

Pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius)

If you think you can stand with the mucus left then it’s time for you to cook it with around 500 cc of water. Don’t forget to put pandan leaf during this cooking process. I cooked it probably around 15 minutes.

Afterward,  I drained and cooled it then of course consumed it. Since I had nothing in my fridge except for papaya and pineapple then it was a perfect time to make fruit salad. It tasted like summer in heaven….well, that’s my opinion ^_^

The moral of the story: one piece of aloe vera is not worth of all those handwork and time consumed. Buy more fresh aloe vera or buy ready-to-eat ones!


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