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Song for JCC [Jakarta Community Church]

Jakarta Community Church (JCC) is a small and inclusive ecumenical community of people which I’ve chosen to serve on Sundays. Joining this church in the midst of 2003 as choir member, I never thought that I’d be in charge as music coordinator for the next 7 years. During those times, I’ve learned the lesson of life. Let me share some with you:

  1. Loyalty is your personal commitment with God; others might not understand on this 
  2. Ministry is about giving and giving and giving
  3. Your point of view defines who you are
  4. Leadership is the art of facing problems while still doing routine tasks; both takes your humility
  5. God puts hard & hurt people around you to teach you over humanity & Divinity
  6. When God put ideas in your head, put it into action
  7. When people see ‘you = church’, you need to reconfirm your calling
  8. Your ministry is your privilege. Thank to God!
  9. There’s no perfect day for resigning from the ministry. Follow God’s call and just do it.

As the Ecclesiastes says that there’s a time for everything, so does with me. It’s about time for me to leave my ministry at JCC. To all those memories, may this song once I composed tells itself: JCC.

You may find us at Facebook: Jakarta Community Church [JCC]


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One thought on “Song for JCC [Jakarta Community Church]

  1. Find Jakarta Community Church [JCC] @ Facebook

    Posted by CAR | October 6, 2011, 2:26 pm

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