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Birthday wishes

# 1/ 051111

Having a birthday means celebrating what has come to history and what is going to come in history

# 2/ 161111

‘Tis fine to add number in your cakes cause it multiplies wisdom. Be happy and be wise!

# 3/ 161111

Birthday is the only day which no one objects your happiness. Be happy!

# 4/ 161111

Happy born-day! Do you see something different from the first time you saw the world?

# 5/ 161111

The world has changed significantly lately. What about you? Happy birthday and be ready for another changes!

# 6/ 301111

Did you know who surround you on the day you were born? Yup..! It was all the angels on earth and in heaven above. If you agree on this fact: be an angel to someone else, today!

# 7/ 040612

Hidup layaknya sebuah buku

Ditulis kata demi kata

Menjadi rangkaian kisah

Selamat melakonkan hidup

# 8/ 040612

Sebagaimana waktu bergerak

Demikian pula usia manusia

Selamat merayakan kehidupan


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