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Yellow Crystal from Brunei

The Monument, BSB

The Monument, BSB

Every journey has its own story. Each story should be crystallized to make it long lasting. Here’s yellow crystal from Brunei.

My arrival day in Brunei was certainly put under unwanted folder. No one expects that happening esp. in one’s first backpacking trip. Yet such thing happens many times in life. Queuing for hours only to find out that a person before you has just bought the last ticket! Why then we have to grumble? Simply offer your thanks giving. Don’t you have any idea of what God has planned for you after that?

For me, Brunei is a new place. Meeting new people, experiencing new culture and customs can be frustrating. Easy! Take a deep breath! Learn as many as you can. Don’t forget to enjoy it! Same as in life, isn’t? Every day is a new day, a new lesson. Take heart!

Hiking on my own to Bukit Patoi is definitely a highlight of my Brunei story. That was my moment of truth: to give up or to go on. I chose the second, I prayed along the way, and I did it. There are times in life when uncertainties cover our path of life. Fear of tomorrows can crush our spirit. If you have Jesus, however, you shall not be afraid of these because He’ll guide you. Even if you stumble, He’ll carry you. Are you ready to meet my Jesus?

My trip to Kampung Ayer esp. witnessing proboscis monkeys, sea gulls, crocodiles, fireflies in one dusky evening under the stars thrilled my heart. Isn’t God amazing? He created this beautiful world for us to live in. He created you and me wonderfully in His likeness. Do you ever realize it? Have you thankful for these? Can I see God when I see you?

For each of you who reading this, I pray you can go outside your comfort zone. Explore…learn…enjoy…reflect…be a blessing!


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